Adapt Course Materials To Your Needs

Course materials developed by the Virtual University of Small States of the Commonwealth are intended to be adapted and offered in many countries. VUSSC course materials may be freely shared, adapted and published for others to use.


Download course materials

Educators can download free course materials and adapt them for use in your own institution. Download course materials from the For Learners section of the VUSSC website.

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Upload adapted course materials

Adapted course materials can be uploaded to the VUSSC Portal for sharing with other educators.

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Five Steps to Easy Adaptation

Davis and Smith (1996) present a useful model for easy adaptation of course materials. The authors suggest systematic procedures for adapting materials follow five steps:

  1. decide on the changes needed,
  2. get permission to make the changes,
  3. make the changes,
  4. pilot, and
  5. revise.


Copyright for Adapted Work

The Virtual University of Small States of the Commonwealth makes its course materials available under the Creative Commons Attribution-By licence. This licence requires one only mention of the licence in a work. Therefore, when Creative Commons–licensed materials are adapted, it is not necessary to register those adaptations on the Creative Commons website.

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Context Is Everything

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Resources for Adapting Course Materials

The Commonwealth of Learning Instructional Design Template is an excellent resource for educators who are developing learning materials.

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